Nancy Bruce, Mixed Media Artist

Nancy’s work is about shapes, their size, and their relationship to each other. It is also about making art from reclaimed papers, as she has been collecting many of her materials over a long period of time. She works with paper, acrylic paints, and glue; and uses various techniques to transform these papers into something much different from their original form. While her main purpose in making these pieces is to create art, she finds great satisfaction in making her art from materials that might otherwise have been discarded.


Her pallet is rather muted, and from a distance the pieces look somewhat flat. However, close inspection reveals a rich textural surface, little nooks and folds that catch paint and light in special ways. There is the orientation of the paper’s stitching, tiny frayed edges, raised surfaces, recessed areas, and tiny sparkles. This texture Nancy creates with her recycled papers. Some need help from the artist, some have their own texture. Surface are seldom flat.


When asked about how she arrived at her current style she says that it seemed to simply evolve. It has been many years since she did truly realistic work. Work like what was taught in school. Her early work moved away from realism to a more personal style, but was still paint on canvas. Later she found herself in possession of a great quantity of paper and a very large roll of canvas. So she started down the road to where she is now. When asked what inspires her to work every day she says she simply must. She just loves making art.


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